Dr Asen Atanasov

Dr Asen Atanasov orthopedic surgeon

Asen Atanasoff was born in Sofia on 04.02 1981 years. He graduated from veterinary medetsina in 2005. in University of Forestry, Sofia, specialty "Veterinary Medicine" 

In 2009 graduated from the Medical College, Sofia, specialty "Assistant pharmacy." 2014. a year which ended two years of training as a specialist in orthopedics dog and cat under the guidance of a supervisor prof.Aminkov DVMN in Forestry University. 

Dr Atanasov worked as a veterinarian in the years in veterinary clinics NOVA (2012-2015god) BAYVET (2009 -2012god) AMIVET (2006-2008god.) (2003 -2005god. ) internship in veterinary clinic "VRABNITsA." 

From 2016god. He works in a veterinary clinic "DOYRAN" 

Courses and seminars are attended: 

* Small Animal Practical NEUROLOGY- (lecturer Thomas Flegel), october 25th 2012, Belgrade, Serbia 

* Small Animal Veterinary Symposium -october 26-28th 2012, Belgrade, Serbia 12-15.06.2014, 14th BASAV Congress, Sts Constantine & Helena, Hotel Frederic Joliot -Curie. 

* Congres AMVAC 11-13 september 2014, Sinaia, Romania 11.10.2014-Continuing education course- Veterinary surgery, Stara Zagora